necklace ART blue-multicolour

A unique necklace full of art - made of paper discs, which I punch out of art magazine pages,
variantly combined with blue and tourquoise lampwork disc beads that are uniquelymade for my designs.
The paper discs show text and painting fragments of many famous works printed in the magazine, such as Picasso, and due to the non-centered stringing they show off their vibrant colours.

The discs are descending from 15 - 17 mm in the front to 13 mm on the rear neck.

The cutting edges are slightly blue dyed, and waxed to prevent soiling.

The sterling silver magnetic catch keeps the necklace safely on your neck with its strong neodym magnets.

Length app. 55 cm
Diam. app. from 13 mm to 15-17 mm


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