Customized Ring (design 202) bespoke

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Paper layer ring made from personalised papers combined with coloured papers, precious metal and gemstone.

This makes your gift or marriage proposal even more personal.

A middle layer of gold or silver with a set coloured stone and an inner ring or sleeve  make this ring a special eye-catcher.

Once you have sent me your papers, I will use them to make the layered material that will make your ring so personal and distinctive.

While the material hardens, I make the precious metal construction, which consists of the inner ring, middle layer and setting.

Finally, I join the parts together, finish the surface and set the gemstone.

Sizes / dimensions: according to your specifications

Coloured gemstones such as iolite (blue), garnet (red), blue topaz (light blue), citrine (yellow), amethyst (violet), peridot (green), rock crystal (colourless) or even a diamond can be set.

I will be happy to make you an individual offer and will advise you on the adaptation of the design to your needs.

A digital sketch to illustrate proportions and colours may help you to imagine this special ring.


The ring will be stable and suitable for everyday use. It is multi-layer sealed and waterproof (can be left on when washing hands), impact and scratch resistant, saliva and sweat proof.


It comes in a precious gift box.


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