Bangle "A trip to the stars"


A stack of pages from Nicholas Christopher's novel  "A Trip to the Stars" (german) laminated page on page, hardened, carved and sanded, then mounted to a heptagonal shape.
Sanded, multisealed and smoothly polished to a soft gloss, the surface showing a subtle text pattern, it matches perfectly with the shiny pearls and the glowing gold balls, which are embedded into gold-plated pits.

Each of the seven surfaces is studded with four Akoya pearls and three 8k gold balls.
All elements are pinned to keep them in place.

Outer diameter 90 mm
inner diam. 70 mm
Inner extent: 215 mm

28 Akoya pearls 2,8 - 3,2 mm
21 Gold balls (8 k) 2 mm

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