Earrings flatter the face and show personal style. Whether eye-catching statement earrings or reservedly classic - book pages on the ear give their wearer that certain something.

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New Eardrops POD II

Lightweight colored book pages eardrops

80.00 *

New Book Paper hoops earrings silver

Book pages and silver hoops


90.00 *

Earrings pendulum with coral

Earrings book pages and coral

80.00 *

Eardrops pod

Lightweight colored book pages eardrops

75.00 *

PARADISE earrings with London Blue Topas

Long eardrops with Topas 

168.00 *

Eardrops ORNAMENT with Opal

Artprint book pages eardrops with Opal  


Dangle earrings "bellflower"

Dangle earrings book and silver, bellflower shape

Eardrops FUSI spindle blue multicolour made of bookpages

Lightweight colored book pages eardrops - Single pair


Eardrops PENDULUM orange

Lightweight coloured book pages eardrops - Single pair

Earrings book spindle and pearl gold

Earrings book pages and Akoya pearl

85.00 *

Dangle earrings with Carnelian sphere

Dangle earrings book pages and Carnelian

earrings LAMPION multicolor

Lantern shaped dangle earrings in many colours

80.00 *

Long Eardrops LILAC

Lightweight lilac book pages eardrops

75.00 *

Dangle earrings OIGNON green

Onion-shaped dangle earrings made of bound fragments of a novel book

75.00 *

Voucher 100€

100.00 *

Voucher 50€

50.00 *