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Ring GUSTAVE with silver and Cubic Zirkonia


This ring is made of book pages, using the book "A Wild Ride Through the Night" by german Author Walter Moers, whom I worship as much as his protagonist Gustave. 
Using drawings from the work of Gustave Doré, the most successful illustrator of the 19th century, Walter Moers has once again created a wondrous, utterly enchanting tale.

I love the work of Doré, and the idea of being honoured in the way Walter Moers does in this book brought me to the idea of making a homage jewelry piece of it.

By layering many pages one on another, the finished ring is showing fragments of illustrations and letters on ist surface. 

The silver sleeve, a centered silver layer and a black Cubic Zirkonia make this ring a beautiful eyecatcher.

Size: 58 (D);  Q 1/2 (GB); 8,4 /8 (US / CA); 18,0 (F) 17,4 (JPN)

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8 - 8 of 8 results