Colour ray Pendant with green agate, 48 mm

A unique effect is created by the structure of the piece of jewellery and the use of colour:

Radially vertically arranged cut-outs from book pages, printed with ornaments in a wide variety of colours, reveal their colourful secret as soon as the pendant is not viewed exactly head-on.
The edges of the sturdy art paper are dyed gold.

When viewed in motion, a special effect is created: moiré.

A moiré is based on a mutual optical influence of two identical grids or patterns that overlap unevenly. Or as the physicist would say: interfere.
Centrally placed, a natural Green Agate (6 mm) in a cabochon cut, is set in a bezel setting, surronded by a little bowl with gold melted on.

The "rays" made of hand-cut book pages appear delicate, but they are more robust than they look and are also well protected by the silver setting, which is actually made of an antique cream spoon.

The outer diameter is 48 mm.

Due to the waxing of the paper cut edges, a few raindrops will not harm this piece, but it must not soak.

Silver 800 (Spoon mold)
Sterling silver 925 (centerpiece setting)

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