Personal Paper layer ring freeform

A personal ring made of layers of paper -

for yourself as a memento, engagement ring or gift.

You decide on the shape, colours, papers and size.

Letters, notes, drawings etc. can be used as well as book pages.

For the production, the amount of paper should be at least 20 sheets DIN A4 (other formats are also possible).


After your order we discuss the details, you send the material.

This can be done either by post, if originals are to be processed, or by email, if you have scanned in your letters photos or similar.

Printing is possible in black and white as well as in colour. If desired, documents can also be printed on coloured paper.


In the next step, I will prepare a draft, which will be discussed with you until you agree. Then I can start with the production.


When the ring is ready, you will receive photos by email before it is sent.

The ring will be sent in an attractive jewellery box.


In case of loss or irreparable damage, I archive the remaining piece of material so that a replacement for your precious piece can be made if necessary.

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