Meet the artist


Christine Rozina started her working life as a graphic designer in print media and packaging, then moving on to web design. Eventually she decided to develop her sculpting skills, stepping away from computer design, and enrolled in bachelor’s degree course in design for artisans at The Academy of Crafts and Design - Gut Rosenberg in Aachen, Germany.

During her studies, Christine researched how to transform altered and unwanted books into new objects. Experimenting a lot, she developed a laminating technique that makes the paper she uses, hard and waterproof. A steady interchange with other creatives including carpenters, metalsmith, bookbinders etc. influenced the designs and techniques she now uses.

In 2010, for her final exams, she designed her first paper jewellery collection.

Subsequently, Christine has been transforming book pages, coloured paper, scripts, letters and other paper into meaningful jewellery, extraordinary in shape and appearance. She has also trained in goldsmithing techniques such as forging, soldering and stone-setting to be able to incorporate the paper elements with gems and precious metals.

She also maintains her book sculpting, cutting and carving books into faces. “I’m fascinated by the fanned out cut edges of stacked book pages - the incredible variations in appearance and pattern continually thrill me.”




Christine Rozina